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Alper Mestçi

After starting his professional career in 1995, he edited, wrote and directed programs; “Beyaz Show” was among the highest rated television shows in Turkey. It is a popular talk show program hosted by Turkish television personality Beyazıt Öztürk. It has been on air on Kanal D between December 1996 and May 2018. Mestçi, who had his first film directing experience in 2007 with Musallat, and wrote the movie’s screenplay. After releasing a sequel for Musallat in 2011, Mestçi started working on a horror movie series consisting of 6 films called Siccîn (a name of valley in hell). In addition to that, he directed and wrote the screenplay of a 3 series horror movies Üç harfliler. The master of Horror Movies also directed and wrote a screenplay of a series that is the first in Turkish Digital Platform (BluTV) called “Sahipli” (owned).

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Siccin series is a brand, it is known and recognized more than my name. Also, Siccin is not actually a series of movies, they are all different movies with different stories. Siccin 1 has few horror scenes but tells a lot of story. In Siccin 2, for the first time, I tried horror with a heavy drama. This was the movie that the audience feared the most. I tried love and fear in Siccin 3. As a movie, my favorite was Siccin 3. Its story is beautiful, it shows what a person does for the sake of love. In Siccin 3, we watch a person fall in love with a demon and even haunt him. After Siccin 3, the series started to become a brand. But the drama and love did not succeed in the horror film, the audience wanted to see pure horror. From Siccin 4 onwards, I completely focused on fear. This had a positive impact on the box office of my films. From the fourth film of Siccin, the main character became a hero and was embraced by the audience as a savior. This situation started to please the audience. My favorite horror is Siccin 5, because I like the horror scenes in that movie, I find them the scariest. The reason behind the success of Siccin 5 was the high popularity of the fourth movie. However, the fifth film was lacking. The leading actor, whom the audience liked in the third and fourth films, could not take part in the film due to special reasons. At the time Siccin 6 came to theaters, there was a cinema crisis in Turkey. Due to a bureaucratic situation in Turkish cinema, there were conflicts between filmmakers and movie theater owners. This situation caused bad movies to go to movie theaters. Later, movie theater owners agreed with the state. After this deal, Siccin 6 became the highest-grossing movie in theaters. Siccin 6 was also the only blockbuster movie to hit theaters this summer. The producers never dared to put other films against the Siccin series. Üç Harfliler (ternary; jin) is a series of five films. I was also the producer of the first two films in this series. However, starting from the third movie, I started to direct the series. After becoming the director, the box office of movies started to increase. The number of views of the films rose trailer from 150 thousand to 340 thousand.

- Alper Mestçi

“The name that directs the horror genre in Turkish cinema: Alper Mestçi. One of the only directors to dare to step out of the ordinary things.”

Seçkin A.


“I never thought I would be so happy to be scared! You leave the fear in the cinema, it doesn't follow you. I recommend it, it was good.”

Erkan Y.


“Seriously, he is one of Turkey's most successful directors. He carved his name in Turkish cinema. I look forward to his new productions.”

Botan S.

Social Media Expert

“A wonderful person with whom I had the honor of working is Alper Mestçi. It is an honor to have my signature on the same projects as him.”

Can Y.


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