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Alper Mestçi

After starting his professional career in 1995, he edited, wrote and directed programs; “Beyaz Show” was among the highest rated television shows in Turkey. It is a popular talk show program hosted by Turkish television personality Beyazıt Öztürk. It has been on air on Kanal D between December 1996 and May 2018. Mestçi, who had his first film directing experience in 2007 with Musallat, and wrote the movie’s screenplay. After releasing a sequel for Musallat in 2011, Mestçi started working on a horror movie series consisting of 6 films called Siccîn (a name of valley in hell). In addition to that, he directed and wrote the screenplay of a 3 series horror movies Üç harfliler. The master of Horror Movies also directed and wrote a screenplay of a series that is the first in Turkish Digital Platform (BluTV) called “Sahipli” (owned).


Siccin 6


A girl is haunted by an evil spirit in her family home. Several bad things begin to happen around her house and to her family members. An old character rises back and tries to save the family from their doomed fate.

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